Mei Xu

Posted on by immusoft

Mei Xu is Senior Scientist at Immusoft. Her initial interest in Immusoft was sparked by its groundbreaking goal: to modify human immune cells, enabling them to produce therapeutics autonomously within the human body. Immusoft’s talented and passionate team and the broad applications of its technology intrigued her.


Mei has a broad academic and research background in medicine, epidemiology, statistics and molecular and cellular biology. She has specific training and expertise performing a wide range of biological assays and research. At Immusoft she oversees the daily execution of most cell culture duties, performs data analysis and provides guidance into experimental design. She contributes her expertise in Immunology and Hematology to developing the ISP™ platform.


Long passionate about research, Mei boasts a lengthy history of laboratory experience, with particular expertise in immunology and oncology. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Washington, where she successfully adapted the yeast LacO-LacI system in mammalian cells to identify hTERT promoter-interacting proteins in vivo in the Galloway lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Mei also taught several senior level undergraduate biochemistry courses while pursuing her Ph.D. Most recently, she spent two years in a postdoctoral training program in the Hematology department at the University of Washington. There, she expanded on her Ph.D. research and demonstrated the involvement of small RNAs in the development of liver cancer, and studied the application of immunity deficient universal stem cells.


Prior to coming to the US, Mei studied for her M.D. at Shanghai Medical University in Shanghai, one of the top two medical universities in China. While there, she realized that her interests rested more with research than with studying for her M.D. She made the move to Seattle in 2004 to focus solely on research, and has lived in the area ever since.


Immusoft is Mei’s first experience with a biotech startup, and presents her with the opportunity to combine her challenge seeking nature with her passion for working in the lab. She looks forward to drawing on much of her previous professional experience in the fast paced and very demanding research environment.