Immusoft Recognized with “Most Promising Company Award” at Silicon Valley Conference
January 29, 2018
SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Immusoft Corporation, a Seattle, Wash.-based gene therapy company, announced today it is a winner of the Most Promising Company Award from the Precision Medicine World Conference, held in Silicon Valley last week. The award recognizes companies with especially promising and innovative health care diagnostic, therapeutic and technological solutions.
Immusoft Completes Pre-IND Hearing With FDA
July 24, 2015
Biotech seeking approval for clinical trial to treat MPS I
Seattle Biotech Startup Raises More Than $2M, Hopes to Soon Begin Human Trials
August 21, 2014
Seattle biotech startup Immusoft Corp. has raised $2.37 million from investors, including FF Science, a San Francisco venture fund that targets early stage technology and science companies. Founder and CEO Matthew Scholz, who launched Immusoft in 2009, said the funding will allow his company to scale up research, including approaching the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about doing human clinical trials...
Adaptation of Humoral Memory
August 21, 2014
Immunological memory, as provided by antibodies, depends on the continued presence of antibody-secreting cells, such as long-lived plasma cells of the bone marrow. Survival niches for these memory plasma cells are limited in number. In an established immune system, acquisition of new plasma cells, generated in response to recent pathogenic challenges, requires elimination of old memory plasma cells. Here, we review the adaptation of plasma cell memory to new pathogens...
Local Biotech Startup Wants to Turn Body’s Cells Into Drug Factories
January 21, 2014
"It struck me that the way the body attacks a pathogen is similar to the way a computer attacks a password,” Scholz said. “You have this idea of immunity memory. If you get a vaccine, your body remembers it and suddenly the disease that used to kill you won't even give you the sniffles. … So we really set about treating disease from an information-based perspective."
Mini Drug Factory Churns Out Drugs From Inside Bone
September 20, 2013
Imagine never having to take a pill again. Instead, mini drug factories hidden inside your bones, and made from your own immune cells, would churn out personalised drugs and other molecules designed to keep you fit and healthy. Such a factory has been created in mice, and could soon be tested in humans to treat HIV. "We want to turn people's cells into drug factories, giving them the genetic information they need to produce their own treatment," says Matthew Scholz of Immusoft in Seattle, which is developing the technique...
A Computer Guy’s Dream, Immusoft, Turns Cells Into Drug Factories
July 5, 2012
Matthew Scholz has been told many times that his idea for reprogramming the body’s immune cells to create drugs was impossible. Maybe dangerous. Maybe just dumb. Scholz, a computer scientist with no formal biology training, could easily have been written off as a quixotic dreamer until this spring, when he got his breakout moment. The foundation started by Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal, decided that Scholz’s startup,Immusoft, just might be onto something, granting it close to $400,000...
Tech visionary Thiel Sets Out to Spark a Biotech Revolution
April 17, 2012
Peter Thiel, an early venture investor in Facebook and FierceMarkets, has handed out a round of grants of up to $350,000 to a slate of 6 startup biotech companies, each of which promises a game-changing approach to medicine. And he's hoping that handing out checks to these startup dreamers will help ignite some radical thinking on the possibilities of our collective "amazing future."...
Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs Awards $350K Each to Six Ambitious Biotech Startups
April 17, 2012
While most of us are still reeling in shock after last week’s one billion Instagram buy, Peter Thiel — through both Founders Fund and the Thiel Foundation — is leading the charge into a future where humans don’t age or suffer from cancer, among other things. Call it crazy or whatever you’d like, but there’s no doubt that people who are trying to drastically change the world for the better often do...
Immusoft Applies Computer Science Knowledge to Disease
Marie Powers
Although the concept of cell programming isn't new, Immusoft Corp.'s approach represents a new spin on the science. For a biotech company, Seattle-based Immusoft started with a decidedly different pedigree. With a background in computer sciences rather than chemistry or biology, Matthew Scholz, the company's founder and CEO, conceived an idea to fight disease by modifying information in human immune cells...