Eric Herbig

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Eric Herbig is the Chief Scientist at Immusoft Corporation. He leads research, development and testing of the ISP™ platform, a breakthrough technology that turns human immune cells into biologic production factories within the body.


Eric brings to Immusoft more than 15 years of diverse research experience, including a number of years specializing in cell development, gene regulation and cancer research. He entered college with dreams of becoming a rock star, and delved briefly into zoology before finding fascination in the complexity and cutting edge nature of molecular biology. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Arizona State University. His graduate studies were completed at the University of Washington, where he was one of just three individuals in his year to obtain an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. concurrently.


Eric’s research career began while attending Arizona State University. There, at the Arizona State Cancer Research Institute, he spent several years identifying natural products with activity against cancer cells, first in the organic chemistry lab of Dr. Dennis Dubeck and later in the microbiology laboratory of Dr. Robin Pettit. Later transitioning into genetic research, Eric worked in the Newfeld lab utilizing the model organism, Drosophila melonagaster (fruit fly) to derive a mechanism for the activity of human cancer mutations. He also collaborated with computer scientists in the Kumar lab in the creation of a Drosophila gene expression image database.


While at the University of Washington, Eric spent time studying cellular development and gene expression. His most recently published paper explores gene regulation, including the identification of so-called ‘fuzzy complexes’, a newly identified form of protein-protein interaction. Much of this research was completed in the labs of Drs. Hahn and Stoddard at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, a world renowned leader in cancer prevention, detection and treatment research. Eric cites Dr. Hahn’s affinity for pursuing the technically challenging as inspiration, and one of the reasons he now enjoys the difficulty and risk of research at a startup company.


Immusoft is Eric’s second experience working at a startup after consulting for several years at Mirador Biomedical. His extensive research background is well suited to working with emerging biotech; with experience in genomics (microarrays), mass spectroscopy, structural biology, biophysics, yeast genetics, and business, Eric is able to draw on disciplines across the spectrum to generate innovation.